Which Doctors take my Health Insurance?

Check to see if your preferred Doctor or Hosiptal is Contracted (aka IN-Network) with the following Health Insurance Companies by using their Find A Provider Search tools below.

Find a Doctor, Hospital or Dentist Find a Dentist only
Anthem Delta Dental
Blue Shield Access Dental
Cigna Premier Access Dental PPO
Health Net Anthem Dental Select HMO
Kaiser Permanente Liberty Dental
Oscar California Dental Network
L.A. Care Health Plan  
Molina Healthcare  
Western Health Advantage  

If you find your preferred medical provider on any of the above listed search tools, that means your provider is most likely Contracted (aka IN-Network) with that Insurance Company. However, we still recommend contacting your Doctor's office to verify they are indeed a Contracted provider of the specific Health Insurance PLAN you are considering. When you call, please make sure not to ask if they "take or accept Blue Shield Insurance" for instance because many doctor offices will simply answer "Yes" without clarifying which specific plan(s) they are contracted with. For example, your doctor may only be contracted with Employer based or Grandfathered Blue Shield PPO plans and not the Metallic level (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) plans that are available now. If the doctor's office tells you they accept any PPO, that still does not answer the question because all that means is they will accept payment from any PPO insurance company and just because they will accept payments does NOT mean they will charge you the Contracted rates of that insurance company. Thus, leaving you responsible for the difference, which can be substantial depending on the services rendered. If you are still unsure of whether or not your preferred medical provider is contracted with the specific Health Insurance plan you are considering, you can ask the Doctor's office for their Tax ID number or NPI (National Provider Identifier) and call the Health Insurance company to verify their In-Network status.